Marketing Automation for
Saas Applications

Growth hacking strategies to engage visitors and users within your application

Hey Oliver is able to keep a track of your SaaS application users' behavior as well as educate and nurture potential clients. Our system constantly sends information to the administrator about the results of the marketing campaigns that are running and any hot areas that visitors show interest while browsing your website. Our Marketing Automation suite has the right tools to help the conversion from trial version, to the full paid version.

Announce new features and releases instantly

Broadcast announcements, drive new features and usage and encourage upgrades by email, push notification or in-site notifications. Users will see your post and can provide instant feedback or enquire into your offers. In addition to that, our built-in Action Center will help you reconnect with those users that showed just a bit of interest, increasing your retention metric.


Be present at every marketing channel

The current focus on multichannel and omnichannel strategies, highlights the need to prioritize your efforts and investment on an effective and efficient marketing tool like Hey Oliver that will help you be present at every marketing channel of today's market. With the power of marketing automation you will be able to scale your efforts, and achieve more than traditional marketing technics such as personalized email marketing, lead nurturing and lead scoring.


Find out how Hey Oliver can help your saas applications business

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Push Notifications

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Email Marketing

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Build campaigns using advanced segmentation

With all your visitor profiles in one place, Hey Oliver helps you easily segment them based on their buying needs, behaviors, demographics, and preferences. As new visitors browse your website, Hey Oliver automatically updates your segments and campaigns, in real time. For example you send out an email campaign announcing an upcoming offer, and everyone who responds positively (let's say they click through the email link) can be categorized as "interested". You can then create a new marketing campaign to further engage them as potential buyers and close the deal.


Reduce churn and grow your user base faster

Successful implementation of Hey Oliver will facilitate effective marketing campaigns, improved qualified leads, and accelerated sales results. You can identify the visitors most likely to convert so you can invest time and resources where it will have the most impact. In addition, our system uses personalized and automated messages to turn leads into users with targeted, cross–channel features to customize the entire experience for each user.

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