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Tourism, Travel and Hotels

Build an aggressive and focused marketing campaign with clear goals

Traditionally, hotel websites have served the same content to all site visitors regardless of their preferences, demographics, and even geographic location. But in fact, the travel and tourism industry represents one of the world’s largest industries that need marketing automation to increase their bookings to the maximum. For example, custom individualized offers are a means of carving a large niche of customers over numerous competitors. Hey Oliver Marketing Automation is set to be used by travel agencies, hotels and international hotel chains.

Your email offers hit inboxes

The productivity of your email campaigns hinges on email deliverability. Get industry-leading deliverability that ensures every message hits recipient’s inboxes no matter the quantity. Hey Oliver email system is the technology solution for an exponentially growing online tours and hotel bookings. You can reach every of your client with offers that are meant for them.


Align sales and marketing team

Be well organized in the quest to increase your marketing ROI, sales productivity and top-line revenue by ensuring that your marketing team receives the latest data and aims towards the company objectives before engaging visitors. This will definitely help boost your business performance and marketing credibility.


Find out how Hey Oliver can help your tourism, travel and hotels business

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the process of adding and subtracting points from a lead's value based on various lead attributes or demographics, as well as behaviors.

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Marketing Automation

Hey Oliver marketing automation suite gives you the tools to easily create, automate, and measure engaging campaigns across all your marketing channels.

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Mobile Experiences

Hey Oliver provides mobile marketing automation that engages users with push & sms notifications, and tracks behavior in-app and across digital channels.

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Segment your visitors based on their actions

Use our features to segment your visitors and apply tags to your subscribers when they perform specific actions, such as visiting a high rated page on your website, clicking a button link, opening an email, making a purchase, or any other custom event you need to monitor. Hey Oliver also supports personal information fields (such as "name", "email" and "phone") for all visitors.


Know your most engaged visitors

Hey Oliver allows you to turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads in real time. Track website activity, button actions, page views, campaigns, and use our lead scoring tool to segment and prioritize your leads based on their engagement or your own marketing objectives. The "Live View" feature allows you track your visitors in real time as they browse and move through your sales funnel. Of course, all of these, are packed with powerful analytics and metrics.

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