Hey Oliver's array of integrations

Connect with 3rd party systems such as Analytics, Marketing Automation and eCommerce providers using our integrations.

Enjoy all the benefits of our integrations

Get consistent messaging without any cracks in the communication but also control data leaks and maintain data hygiene.

Simplified data management

You will be able to view, organize and edit your data with ease. Get a unified approach to data management.

Photo of Analyze all the metrics you have available


Analyze all the metrics you have available

Access many metrics from a single dashboard. Analyze them and end up to impactful suggestions which you will communicate to the rest of your team. They will then apply your suggestions and iterate the process of acquiring more new customers but also retaining them.

Photo of Collect data easily using cross-domain tracking


Collect data easily using cross-domain tracking

If you own a number of different domains for your business, you will be able to set-up a tool that will enable you to collect the data that you need and send them to both of your domains, using the same account.

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Analytics and insights

Our reporting system will provide you with all the information that you need to improve your campaigns.

Campaign management

Manage all your campaigns in one dashboard and measure their performance.

Segment your audience with goals

Plan your future sales processes using our simple analytics dashboard to notice trends.

Build customer loyalty

Determine which customers to target next and ask them for feedback to keep them engaged.

View historical data

Get access to the data of your visitors from the first day they started interacting with your website.

Advanced analytics

Use our analytics dashboard to get a full view of your campaign results and determine your next move.