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Nowadays, businesses are trying to become more influential on the web in order to gain exposure. If a website marketing specialist focuses only on web design and SEO to get to the top of Google it doesn’t necessarily mean sales. Often the conversion rate is pitiful. If you have your own small business then make sure your “on page” and “off page” factors are optimized for search engines. As web marketing becomes more complicated the main goal of turning your visitors into buyers becomes more difficult so we are sharing some helpful strategies.

Many marketing professionals will say that SEO is the most important aspects of websites – and while SEO can help your website out, it should never be considered the most important. Even websites with the best optimization keywords and strategies can suffer, if they do not have a good conversion rate. As an online shop, your main focus is to get customers to purchase your goods. Therefore, you should utilize SEO, along with other strategies, as well. So here are some website strategies to boost conversion rate:

1. Capture interest and attention

A visitor will always read your sales page first before buying your products. Think of a catchy, benefit-orientated headline – often in the form of a question - that would make them pause, click to close other pages – eliminating your competitors, while they focus on reading your sales copy. Make sure you have something that will pique their interest. Having a good sales pitch will always pique the interest of your audience. Some companies tell stories about their products or share what famous celebrity or politician used their products. Even if you do not know of anybody famous who used your products, you can still write a good sales pitch. The best way to market your products is to write a catchy headline, story, or paragraph about your product. Don’t be shy, go all out. After all, this is your main chance to grab the attention of your audience.

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2. Create an eye-catching site

Focus on making your website concise and to the point. With massive amounts of information uploaded daily the Internet is becoming much cluttered. When a person reaches your website they have probably spent some time on background reading of your product, so give them the information they want in a clean precise manner. Eyestrain is a stumbling block to increasing conversions so your sales copy should be easy to read.

Eliminate complex sentences and technical jargon. You are not talking to a computer geek or rocket scientist. Bear you audience in mind, for example, a small business owner looking for the best website marketing consultant. Use headings and numbering to make the page easier to scan. Put your best foot forward by making this website easy to use and simple to understand.

3. Create a knockout irresistible offer

Create an offer that will make visitors pause and think “I cannot pass up this opportunity.” Even if your sales copy is great if you do not back it up with a knockout offer you will not make the conversions. Make visitors aware of the competitive advantage of your product and back it up with an irresistible offer that will get them talking and sharing your product details. Who doesn’t want to save money?

4. Use the right words

Read and re-read your sales copy and make changes if you need to. Does it convey exactly what you want it to? Is it appealing? Is it emotional? Is it attention-grabbing? Test it out on a friend who is prepared to give an honest answer to see if it delivers the sales message effectively. Condition your buyers to commit. Ask questions to which the only answer is yes. Appeal to their emotions by showing you know what they are experiencing at the moment, showing empathy and sharing how you have the solution to their problem.

It is easier to win the reader’s trust if you present the offer in this way. Use testimonials -in the health industry particularly testimonials are a very powerful website marketing strategy as they highlight a product’s benefits – but you can use them for almost any product.

By trying out the above tips and combining them with good SEO strategies you will boost your sales leads and soon be reaping the rewards of your website marketing campaign.

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