4 ways lead nurturing can help you gain more customers

Lead nurturing is an important part of your marketing efforts. Read our blog post and learn how to do it correctly, in order to urge more customers to buy.

June 11 2019

In the marketing process, it is very important that you continuously try to generate more leads over time. However, if you don’t know how to nurture those leads your efforts might not be proved useful.

Lead nurturing aims to help customers as they progress through the buyer’s journey. The ultimate goal is of course sales.

It is also important that you communicate with your prospects through this journey and engage with them. The buyer’s journey stage they are at will not determine whether you should communicate with them. It goes without saying that you should do this for every stage.

Focus on two important factors: build trustworthy relationships with your potential customers but also target the right people. Another important piece of advice is to talk to your sales team since they will have many useful tips to share with you.

Follow these 4 simple steps in order for your lead nurturing efforts to be effective.

Step 1: Think like a customer to build a map for the buyer’s journey.

Tip: Try to observe how your customers behave. A buyer’s journey map essentially describes the whole experience of the customer as he progresses through the buyer’s journey. You will probably need to ask yourself questions such as what are they thinking? What are they interested in buying? How are they feeling?

Step 2: Progress is a very important part of the lead nurturing path.

The meaning of this is that you should focus your efforts in helping your leads to progress through the buyer’s journey, and ultimately get them to buy. Progression is super-important, and you should pay attention to demographics too, such as the size of the company, industry or role.

Step 3: Engage with your customers.

Sometimes it can be tough to guide your customers from the initial stage to the final stage of purchase. It’s important that you help them with this process so that they will make the correct and most valuable decision.

All the steps of the journey are important for your customers so that their decision-making process becomes easier. Even if this takes time, you need to follow them through this process. If you don’t spend a considerable amount of time nurturing your leads, you mind end up losing them.

 Your customers should probably have their own standards before buying from you. These could be for example that they need to know what your company does or that they think of you and your team as experts.

Content is king. For this reason, your content should be educational and at the same time informational for your prospects. This way you will achieve to become trusted by them so you increase your chances of lead generation.

Step 4: Don’t stop providing support until the end of the journey.

Marketing departments that use lead nurturing are proved to have a higher ROI. In the end, you will see that your lead nurturing efforts will be proved more useful than you thought in bringing you more new customers.

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    Elena Papaxenophontos

    Elena is a Marketing Executive at Hey Oliver. Elena oversees and develops marketing campaigns, communicates with target audiences to develop customer relationships, and produces creative content including blog posts.

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