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If you want to have the right competitive edge for your hotel business, the best thing you can do is to focus on hotel marketing automation. This is a great solution that allows you to create targeted campaigns, powerful landing pages, design amazing social media profiles, and a lot more. These can be pushed towards a huge range of online channels in no time. Not only that, but hospitality marketing automation also offers great analytics for your website visitors that let you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. The more you focus on that, the easier it will be to figure out the issue and handling it will be a breeze.

Increase direct bookings

The main benefit that comes from marketing automation is that you get to boost direct bookings a lot more than you would think. For many hotels, it can be very hard to boost their amount of bookings naturally, so it makes sense to invest in marketing automation the best way that you can. This works, and it can bring in front some nifty and rewarding solutions without any hassle. The clear benefit here is that with help from marketing automation, people are encouraged to visit your hotel website and book.

It’s a great system because you end up not having to pay other booking sites. It’s very comprehensive, convenient and the payoff can be second to none all the time due to that. It’s a great opportunity, and the experience on its own is the best for your company. Yes, it’s not easy to increase direct bookings, but this type of automation certainly helps, and it delivers a resounding experience.

Once your marketing team starts using marketing automation, you will get to have a fully automated booking process that will acquire and manage bookings. You get to spend less time managing bookings, since you will have a formed booking strategy but you can still have a service ready to go whenever you need it. This is very helpful and professional, convenient, and reliable.

Improved customer experience

Being able to offer a great experience to customers is the epitome of marketing automation platforms. Using automation, you can send behaviorally triggered emails. These are outstanding email campaigns that will be sent to customers when they perform certain actions. It’s important to use behaviorally triggered emails, website personalization and other types of marketing campaigns that make the process so great and convenient all the time.

Since you can’t cover the needs of every customer, you might need to be a little picky from time to time. The idea here is that you want to improve the conversion rates and customers get to be happy too. You can be as comprehensive or as free as possible with these automation tools. But it’s recommended to focus on personalization more than anything if you want.

The way you can use this for a hotel is simple; you get to automate most of the booking and payment tasks to make the customer experience better. You can also personalize the customer engagement by delivering hotel marketing messages at a very specific time. You get to offer tailored messages while also automating campaigns and ensuring that your hotel leads and customers won’t see the same ad or information twice. Plus, customers get to receive exactly what you want them to, all while offering a more professional and creative experience.

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Understanding guest data and generating more leads

It’s never easy to figure out exactly what your guests want. But once you implement marketing automation, you will notice that more and more information will come right in front of you and that will start pushing things to the next level. You will have multiple tools that will collect data and then you will be able to centralize data and see how everything works and what steps you need to take to push things to the next level in a meaningful and very professional manner. Aside from that, there’s also the possibility to generate leads. Once you automate the marketing process and start sending messages to customers online, the chances of increasing your success will pay off big time.

The way you tackle lead generation is very important. Ideally, you want to create multiple message types based on different customer requirements. Targeting is possible via marketing automation, but make sure that you create these customer groups beforehand, and the automated system will take care of everything else. Honestly, this works amazingly and if you know what you are getting into it will be a very good idea. And it does work great for your hotel.

The type of data you capture differs, but most of the time, you want to use all data at your disposal to create a customer profile. For example, you can acquire various data points like what services you end up needing, be it a spa, massage, additional room service support, special requirements, and so on. The marketing automation process can help you capture all those data and nurture your leads. Once you have all the data ready to go, you can adapt it to your own requirements and improve adequately. Once you start automating the marketing messages, you get to send tailored campaigns that customers appreciate, and your conversion rate for hotel services will improve. You rarely get to do this otherwise, so with the proper approach, you can improve your chances and results, as long as you do it right, of course.

Streamlining hotel operations

Another advantage of marketing automation is that it allows your hotel to work smarter, faster, and you will make decisions a lot easier. The reason is simple; you can automate a variety of tasks, and then you can focus on making the customer experience better. The future of hotels is on further personalizing and implementing seamless solutions that work for everyone. The more you focus on that, the better the results will be.

Thanks to hotel automation, you will be able to acquire data from guest surveys, and then you can send out automated emails to detractors and promoters. This will help you to improve the customer experience. You can also encourage promoters to share their positive reviews and connect with detractors.

You can additionally bring in operational announcements, or establish repeat campaigns for your hotel, and then you can improve operations like booking or managing clients simply by automating them. With marketing automation, you will have all the data needed to optimize guest experiences and create valuable customer relationships. You will promote services to clients, and you will know exactly which customer wants spa services, which one wants a massage and so on. As you do that you prepare your hotel operations in a better and more convenient way. Plus, everything is better personalized, and the payoff can be extremely impressive.

In the end, marketing automation has the potential to do wonders, and it can bring amazing results. It’s a great idea to know what you are getting into and what you can expect, but by automating marketing tasks you can indeed take things to the next level. Rest assured that automating tasks in a hotel will help bring in a great ROI. And even if you need to invest some money, the payoff can be huge, and that’s exactly what you need if you want your hotel to grow and evolve!

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