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When you have decided to launch your online presence choosing a team of professionals to develop your website is of vital importance.

An experienced team of web developers, web designers and marketers will create a website that gets people's attention quickly. A clean and innovative page will do just that and result in conversions, meaning increased revenue for your business. For example, I believe you don’t want people looking at your site and then going to a competitor because they find it difficult to navigate, right? Here are some top tips for getting your online presence just right.

1. Know your business

Even if you have been in business for a while, take the time to think over the mission, aims and values of your business so these can be set out clearly on your website. This will help in getting your message easier and clearer to your target audience. You can not establish the whole look and feel of a site without sufficient business information.

2. Content is King!

There is no use to create a website only to show your business name and contact details with a couple of pictures. People want content – they want to know what you are all about, so show them the projects you have completed, as well as your products and services. Choose content that is worth sharing – if it is inspiring, people will put it on their social media pages, gaining you much more exposure. Great content will bring traffic to your site and improve search engine rankings.

3. Include all relevant contact details

Make sure your “Contact us” page is easy to find and that the relevant information is on every page. People are inherently lazy - they do not like to browse between pages to find your contact details. Provide them your phone number, fax. email, address and ensure you have your social media page logos displayed like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If, for example, you have a shop, then make sure you include a map so people can find your business. This ensures you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities!

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4. Responsive - Mobile friendly design

Your web design has to be mobile friendly as more websites are now being accessed from mobile phones than desktop computers. You have to ensure that you will tweak various aspects of the design to make your website perform well on search engines as well as drive more traffic to your site.

5. Aim for a clean design

An impressive design may not be user-friendly. It is best to aim for a clean, easy to navigate site that will give people a great online experience. People quickly become frustrated if a site is hard to navigate.

6. Use Google Analytics

Even if you have followed steps 1 to 5 above this does not guarantee success. You will need to follow up on what traffic is coming to your site and what your visitors are really looking for. Google Analytics is a free tool that will guide you in making changes to ensure your site performs well.


A business needs to have a website. It is the easiest way to reach customers worldwide and showcase them your services. Of all the millions of sites out there, you need yours to stand out. This is quite a challenge and needs experts, professional input, cutting edge design and innovation to ensure it will bring the financial rewards of hard work.

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