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Real estate is an evergreen industry with revenue generation and ROI the likes of which many other business models fail to recreate. The simple act of investing in real property has made billions in profit for a lot of people. The best part is that it’s really easy to invest in the industry even without significant knowledge or familiarity with it. The ease with which anyone can invest in the industry, however, has its downside; it makes competition tough and leads become more difficult to convert. It often gets to a point where investors would need to rethink their marketing strategy. When you read that crossroad in your real estate business, that’s when you really need to automate your marketing in order to achieve real estate lead generation.

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Basically, marketing automation is the use of modern technology to automate digital marketing activities. Marketing often involves a lot of repetitive tasks like email campaigns, social media posting, ads campaigns and so on; marketing automation relies on the use of software and marketing tools to streamline and automate these tasks so that manual input is reduced once it has been set up with the aim to generate online leads..

So, How Do Real Estate Agents Convert More Leads Using Marketing Automation?

Real estate agents know the power of marketing automation in lead generation as it helps them to optimize their marketing activities and generate more real estate leads. With the right information and strategy, you can replicate their success and find buyers online too. Below are some ways that real estate agents convert real estate leads using marketing automation:

  • Social Media Automation

When it comes to social media, the possibilities are endless. It is the easiest place to get information across to people who have similar interests. Real estate agents know the power of social media and they use it extensively. However, posting content manually can be time-consuming and stressful, that’s why agents automate their content posting. Social media posts are scheduled to upload across several platforms at peak hours so that they can reach more people. This automation brings about consistency and saves valuable time that can then be used for other activities.

  • CRM Automation Using Web Forms

There’s power in information; the more information you have, the better your marketing strategy. That is why customer relationship management (CRM) is such an important aspect of a real estate agency’s marketing strategy. Real estate agents use web forms to collect information from their website visitors and then use the information gathered to segment them into various categories for personalized marketing.

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  • Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method that real estate agents use to assess potential customers and rank their probability to make a purchase. This helps agents to easily identify which prospects are worth more marketing efforts and which prospects are further down the ranking and shouldn’t be considered for more marketing efforts. With this method, agents can identify prospects that can easily be converted into leads and therefore proceed with better marketing accuracy.

  • Sending Information and Updates in Real-Time

Information is power; more so in the real estate industry where everything is fast-paced and time is an important resource. Real estate agents often automate their email campaigns so that they can quickly get this information across to their audience as soon as possible. With marketing automation software, agents customize email templates in advance so that when new information is available, they only need to insert the specifics in the email copy and hit the send button.

  • Engaging Prospects Through Text Messages

Text messages are easy to send, quick and concise. Since it goes straight to the customer’s phone, it has a higher probability of being opened and read. Agents reach customers with new information through SMS; making it even easier to convert leads.

These are just a few useful tips on how to formulate your real estate marketing automation strategy like a real estate agent and convert more leads in your business.

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