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Technology has changed the experiences and heightened the expectations of travelers across the world. While there is no substitute for a great guest experience, hotel guest automation offers services to enhance these experiences through tools such as email marketing to drive direct bookings.

With the self-services offered by hospitality marketing automation, your staff can give their full focus and attention to the guests of your hotel ensuring that you offer a great customer experience. Your hotel staff need not be bothered anymore about room reservations and type once hotel guest marketing automation is in place.

Below are some ways to improve your guest experience by exploiting hotel tenant marketing automation to improve your customer relationships and increase your hotel's direct bookings.

1. Optimize your online presence

With marketing automation tools (such as email campaigns), you can offer customer support that will improve the customer experience and will blow your competitors out of the water. As a major portion of reservations is made online, you can optimize your customers’ experience of your potential guests on your hotel's website by allowing them to view the various room options. This can help you create an impressive lasting first impression in their mind and increase customer satisfaction.

Optimizing online is a great way to build your guest experience around hotel guest automation as the self-service option of most hotels is difficult to use as experienced by many customers. You can focus on areas like room reservation, and information gathering to leverage automation as a means of providing awesome hotel experience for your guests.

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2. Let your guests know when their room is ready

With hotel tenant automation, you can customize the booking process for your guests to increase direct bookings and have easier hotel management. You can simply let your guests know when their room is ready for their use. This can be done with a simple confirmation provided by a welcome message from the hotel. Sending a message to your guests via email or SMS adds a personal touch of warmth and puts them at ease.

Once this is achieved, you can take it up a notch by providing directions, and keeping your communication line open and friendly to your guests as they settle down in their rooms.

Increase hotel direct bookings using hospitality marketing automation

3. Be proactive with your guests

With hotel marketing automation in place, you can provide proactive feedback for your guests during their stay. This makes you highlight issues that your guests could be facing. Therefore, you can quickly address these issues before your guests check out.

Ask your guests for after check-out reviews. Use the input of the guests to personalize their experience next time and address issues they might have pointed out through customer feedback. With automation, you can serve your guests with a list of opportunities during their stay. This can help you create and build an amazing experience for your guests.

4. Stay social

Social media provides a chance for you to use your guests as brand advocates of your hotel. As the majority of social media users update their vacation pictures online, you can leverage automation to track the trends associated with your hotel. With this, you can engage with the public, start interesting conversations, share glowing reviews of your hotel, and market yourself to the public using for example special offers. You can leverage on discounts and promotions to attract more people.

5. What you can expect

Employing the use of hotel marketing automation as a customer experience strategy has its rewards as will be discussed in this section. Once you use automation, the difference will be obvious. Self-service provides opportunities that create suitable solutions for you and your guests. Guests can easily book their rooms while your staff can focus on what is important and leave the repetitive tasks to automation. Therefore, the technical difficulties experienced by your guests can be resolved faster and more readily.

The results of using automation to build guest experience will also show in your financial books and online. Expect glowing guest reviews of your hotel services by your customers online. This will cause the influx of more guests and you can expect your finances to be on the positive side.

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