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Gone are the days when marketing was limited to newspaper pages and radio commercials. Marketing has also gone beyond the stage where it is done only by a selection of a few “creative and intuitive experts” who organize seminars and long sessions just to convert leads.

Nowadays, with the level of technology we have, marketing has gone way beyond the scope of offline strategies or traditional digital marketing. The advent of marketing automation tools and software has changed how we strategize and execute our marketing activities.

Marketing automation has helped a lot of businesses succeed in this fiercely competitive online market and it can help yours too. The utmost aim of any marketing campaign is to convert leads and make lots of money. In this article, I’m going to discuss why marketing automation can increase your lead generation.

  • Marketing automation helps to generate better quality leads

Why would anyone go into business if not to generate leads? Lead generation is a vital part of any business’ growth. There are a lot of ways to go about generating leads; all of which work to a certain degree, but according to a recent study conducted by Nucleus Research, marketing automation effectively increases sales productivity by 14.5%. Which other form of lead generation boasts this high efficiency, saves time and lets you use a more hands-off approach like marketing automation? Think about that.

What really makes marketing automation stand head-above-shoulders when compared to other forms of marketing is that it provides a great deal of analytics data that give better insight into consumer behavioural trends and interests. Looking at these analytics at a glance, you know which prospects are more likely to be converted into leads, increasing the probability and frequency of lead generation.

  • Marketing automation helps you create better strategies

I already mentioned how marketing automation fortifies your decision-making process with all kinds of data, stats and analytics. Marketing automation puts you in a position where you can predict with better accuracy what decision a consumer is likely to make because you have all the information to do so. Starting with tracking the way a user interacts with your website, marketing automation software can help you identify what interests your prospects and where they are in the purchasing cycle. When you have this information, you can then create a personalized follow-up strategy which includes personalized drip emails, trigger-based marketing information as well as social media messages. All this can help your business’ lead generation.

  • A united front between your sales and marketing

In many businesses, the use of traditional forms of marketing where everything is done manually, often causes lack of coordination between sales and marketing and lots of information gets lost in transmission. This causes a disjointed workflow and can often portray a lack of professionality or customer-care to the consumers. However, with marketing automation, the middle line thins considerably and the workflow between both departments are coordinated on a single, automated and efficient platform. When the activities of both departments are aligned, lead generation is easier and better.

  • Marketing automation brings productivity

Marketing automation provides a practical and time-efficient solution to repetitive and stressful marketing tasks that take a lot of time to complete. When a lot of these marketing processes are automated, productivity is enhanced and businesses get a lot of extra time to develop well-informed marketing strategies that are sure to increase lead generation.

  • Marketing automation helps businesses to retain customers

Lead generation is great for the survival and growth of any business, so is customer retention. Repeat customers often buy more because they already know how good your product or service is. For most businesses, customer retention is as important as lead generation in order to stay in business. Marketing automation offers a great way to focus on customer retention at no extra cost to your business. With analytics that help to predict what customers are likely to buy, automated intermittent follow-up emails can help to convert existing customers into new leads.

A marketing automation tool is an indispensable way to better marketing for any business. Your business deserves efficient marketing efforts so it can generate new leads; your business deserves marketing automation.

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