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All marketers aim to continuously try and reach new audiences in order to attract more leads. Your product or service might be good; however, you may still not be able to acquire a considerable number of leads. This means that you see no result in your efforts, and this is a waste of time and money, especially if you invest your money in paid ads.

The question is: What is the optimal solution in the problem mentioned above?

Our efforts should be guided towards engaging our customers, nurturing the relationships we have created with them and helping them in order to make correct decisions as regards to what they are going to buy. The above can also be translated as tactics that will bring us more leads.

If you are unsure about how to achieve that, then read below to find out the 3 top tips I have to suggest for you in order to attract more leads.

1. Create engaging and useful content for your prospects

Content marketing plays a crucial role when your aim is to generate more leads. Research has shown that content marketing is a lot more efficient and cost-effective than outbound marketing. Any kind of content such as written or video material can be proved useful to get you the results you need.

An infographic or an eBook that you will create can increase your visibility on the web. More and more leads will be generated since if somebody relates to your piece of content, they will possibly share it with their friends, colleagues and so on or on their social media channels.

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The most important tip I can give you is to create entertaining but at the same time, educating content for your leads. If they find it helpful, then this is all you need. They will understand that your product or service will be useful to them. Your buyer personas are crucial in this effort. Read about their interests and motivations and try to answer their questions through the content that you will create. The sales funnel stage they are at, will also determine the type of content that you will need to produce and probably send them automated email campaigns with relevant content..

Make use of Google Analytics as well in order to find the right keywords to target your audience with. This will of course improve your SEO ranking and help your leads easily find you.

2. Make use of webinars and events in your strategy

B2B companies use event marketing as one of the top techniques for lead generation. Why not start hosting webinars and events if you are not doing it already? Despite the effort that you need up until you manage to organize a webinar or an event, the potential is huge if you follow the correct procedure.

Credibility is also important to be established between you and your customers. When you host an event, you give the opportunity to your audience to meet you and get to know you better. This will be a good way to engage with them in an effective way and solve any questions they might have for your product or service.

3. Use your website wisely

Another super important tool for lead generation is of course, your website. Most of the customers nowadays use Google to search for the products or services they are interested in, thus it is very possible that they will be searching for you on the web.

For this reason, your website needs to be optimized and have all the relevant information that your customers might need. A marketing automation platform can also help with this and help you create a lead generation strategy too, in order to increase your website traffic. Ensure that you have a lot of CTA’s too, so that you can urge them to convert. The last tip I have to give you for your website is for it to be mobile-friendly and generally optimized for each and every device so that your customers get the best experience when they browse through it.

If you follow the advice I have given in this blog post you will manage to turn visitors into lead using marketing automation. You will improve customer relationships and increase conversions from people visiting your website.

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