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News articles nowadays claim that email is no longer efficient. Our claim is that email still works, and below we will explain why. 

No one can deny that email has lower open rates than before. However, consumers open their emails about 20 times a day. Therefore, if you use email marketing effectively, you can bring results to your company.

Smartphones are widely used nowadays and because of that, email has become more effective. You can easily reach your prospective customers by sending them high-quality content. Your message needs to be relevant to your audience so that they find it valuable and not just catches their attention but they will also be excited to open it.

Trust is another important factor that plays a role in whether the recipient will open your email. This means that people only open emails from trusted senders since they receive tons of emails every week. The most probable scenario is that they will delete your email straight away if they don’t trust you or if the content does not interest them. The worst thing that can happen in this case, is that you will leave a negative impression, the recipient will become annoyed by your messages and will also share his opinion with his friends.

If you use email effectively, then you will be able to transfer the right message to the right audience and deliver results.

Your audience is the key to creating the right email campaign. The different stages of the buyer’s journey also play a role in what message you will choose to send. The performance of the open and click-through rates will improve if your message is tailored based on each stage of the buyer’s journey. This will also improve the performance of your drip campaigns.

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Read below for some automated email drip campaign best practices:

1.Drip campaigns to aid your sales team

If you decide to invest in email campaigns, it means that your ultimate goal is to generate revenue. In the beginning, you need to find the part of the buyer’s journey that you will target. Are your prospects aware of their problem or ready to make a decision? Also, choose the tone that you will use so that you will gain the most conversions. You can use a friendly tone or choose to be seen as a leader in your industry where your customers trust you. 

2. Targeted audiences have a better response rate

Segmentation is crucial for a successful email drip campaign. It’s best to send fewer but targeted emails than a lot of emails that are not targeted. Create buyer personas for your prospects. Get to know them well; their interests, their pain points, their role in their organization and what solutions they seek. Also, separate hot leads from cold ones to help you send them different messages.

3. Automation can do the hard work

Automation can help you deliver the right email at the right time and deliver fresh content regularly. For example, people at the awareness stage don’t need many emails. When a prospect clicks on a link or opens an email, you will more easily continue the conversation with him. 

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