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The aim of every online shop owner is to find ways to increase sales and conversions. Marketing automation can be proved very useful for ecommerce websites to help them achieve this aim.

The core benefit of ecommerce marketing automation is that you can easily create and send personalized campaigns to your potential and existing customers. Also, have in mind the fact that if an ad is personalized it will convert at least ten times higher than a non-personalized one.

Marketing automation -and more specifically lead nurturing- can help you retain your existing customers and keep them coming back for more, using a well-formed ecommerce marketing strategy.

Below we present some ways that will advance your ecommerce store and help you increase your sales using marketing automation.

1. Give rewards to returning customers

Maintaining good relationships with your customers is key for any business. For online businesses though, it is harder to achieve this since customers can find a variety of options online to shop from.

You can identify your top customers using an ecommerce marketing automation platform and subsequently invite them to your loyalty scheme using email campaigns or even promote your loyalty scheme with inbound marketing campaigns.

2. Personalization is key for ecommerce marketing

About 20% of the sales of online shops come from emails. Of course marketing automation plays a crucial role too. However, only 39% of ecommerce owners are using personalization in their emails.

If you use automation for your email campaigns, for example for welcome emails you will manage to make your brand memorable. Another thing you can do is to automate email replies for frequently asked questions.

As a piece of advice, your ecommerce website personalization is crucial; you need to personalize every aspect on your website, for example create targeted in-site notifications.

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3. Create lists based on purchasing behaviours

Segmentation can help you group your customers based on their purchasing behaviours. Using ecommerce marketing automation you can save time and target specific groups of customers by sending them related discounts or product recommendations, based on their previous activity on your website. Thus, you won’t be just sending any discount to any customer but targeted ones to the right people. If you send relevant offers to your customers using segmentation you will see that your engagement rates will increase.

4. Re-engage inactive customers

Another use of marketing automation is for re-engaging inactive customers. To do this, you need to identify which are the visitors that only subscribed to your newsletter but did not take any further action, purchased products long ago and didn’t visit your website again, or sent you a message to ask a question but never made a purchase. You can offer those visitors exclusive discounts using segmentation and automated email workflows.

The above tips regarding ecommerce marketing automation can help you to start engaging with your visitors. An ecommerce marketing automation platform such as Hey Oliver can help you build personalized relationships with your customers so that they will come to your website, buy but they will also return and will later refer your business to others. For all the above the most important is a well-formed ecommerce marketing strategy.

If you are using a different technique that brings results and conversions to your e-shop, don’t hesitate to share it with us!

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